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                         Third molars are usually known as the “Wisdom teeth”. These usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. There are 4 wisdom teeth in each adult but it is possible that some of these may be missing.

                         Wisdom teeth often are impacted (blocked in the bone) because there's not enough space in your mouth for them. It also may come sideways in the jaw. An impacted tooth can be painless. You may not even realize it's there. But there can be swelling in the gum on top of it as the wisdoms try to come out of the bone. It might pain that time and this pain may get radiated in the nearby teeth, or in the ear on that side of the face.

                        Moreover, if food particles get accumulated beneath the gums, it can lead to an infection called Peri-Coronitis.  It can spread to the throat or into the neck if left untreated. If it is causing troubles again and again or damaging the adjacent teeth, it needs to be removed surgically.

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