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                                  Dentures are the devices constructed to replace missing teeth. These are supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. The two main reasons for the missing teeth are either tooth loss or surrounding tissue loss i.e. bone and gum disease (Periodontitis). They can be used to replace a single tooth, a few teeth or all the teeth. Dentures help the patients in improving mastication (chewing), esthetics (natural facial appearance), and pronunciation.


They are of two types basically- Removable and Fixed.

                                         Removable Denture is a small plate of acrylic (a type of plastic material) in which the teeth are fixed and it is placed inside the mouth. These are to be worn in the morning and removed & stored in water at night. These are of 2 types: Partial and Complete.


                                       Fixed denture means the missing teeth will be replaced permanently in the mouth which cannot be removed by the patient. They function like the natural teeth. There is no acrylic plate with these teeth. When 1 or more teeth are missing they will be replaced by a prosthesis called as BRIDGE. When all the teeth are missing, they can be replaced by two methods: These are of two types mainly: semi-fixed (Over-Dentures) and Fixed (Implant supported).

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