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“One Of The Rarest Things That A Man Ever Does Is To Do The Best He Can”

                                                       Josh Billings


Welcome to

Our Story

What makes us Unique?

  • Located in the heart of the city which is easy to reach.

  • We have Specialized Dentists from all fields of Dentistry as Consultants who are available whenever required for specific patients.

  • All Advanced and Latest equipments are used for treatment of patients.

  • Hygienic equipments are used to avoid cross infection.

  • Cost effective and affordable treatment modalities.

  • All the latest technologies like Implants, Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, Scaling with Ultra-Sonic Machines, Dental Bleaching (Whitening), Painless surgical procedures, Fluorosis Treatment etc are available.

We are a team of qualified experts in every fields of dentistry providing with all the dental health care needs. Our center is situated in heart of city Hisar (Haryana-India). You will get all the facilities from cosmetic treatments, restoration of badly decayed teeth, painless single visit Root Canal Therapy up-to Dental Surgeries & the latest Implant systems. Our clinic is specially designed to provide superior dental care in friendly atmosphere. We will make your dental visits PAINLESS & COMFORTABLE at the best. 


Our Motto

Our main aim is to preserve each and every tooth by PAINLESS Dental Treatment, restore it back in original form, function & esthetics because there is nothing like maintaining your own natural teeth. It is done by properly recognizing the problem using equipments like PULP VITALITY TESTERS & DIGITAL XRAYS (RVG), then to treat the underlying cause with state of art equipments like HIGH SPEED AIR TURBINES, DIGITAL APEX LOCATOR, ROBOTIC ENDOMOTOR etc.

 “If Tooth Is Still Lost, It Will Be Restored Back”.  We have a lot of treatment options from Root Canal Treatment, Removable Dentures, Fixed Ceramic Caps and Bridges up to Dental Implants.

“Your Smile Will Be Restored Right Back As It Was Naturally”

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”

                                                       HENRY FORD

We here at Nayra Dental Care believe in quality of the services we provide. All the procedures are done with the highest quality maintaining the standards and norms set by Dental Council of India.

  • Center is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

  • Proper protocols have been made for each and every procedure which is done.

  • Meticulous sterilization is maintained in the center so as to prevent inter-patient transmission of infections.

  • After accurate diagnosis, a guided treatment plan is formulated for the procedure and all the possible treatment options are suggested to the patients from which we help them in choosing the best for them.

  • X-Rays and Digital RVG are AERB approved i.e. it complies with the radiation safety protocol.

  • TLD badges (Dosimetry) are used by the team for radiation dosage monitoring, which is evaluated in BARC accredited TLD Personnel Monitoring Laboratory.

We here at Nayra Dental Care utilize the advanced technologies and materials to make every treatment painless and comfortable to provide accurate results. Few of these are:


  • Robotic Endodontics i.e. Root Canal Treatment Using Digital Apex Locators & Digitized Rotary Endomotor & the Latest Nickle-Titanium Files. 

  • Digital X-Ray i.e. RVG (Radio Visio Graphy) which benefits by very minimal radiation exposure and almost nil developing and waiting time for X-Ray developing. 

  • Recommended Chemicals for Disinfection and Autoclaves for Instrument Sterilization. 

  • Addition Silicons for Perfect Impression making. 

  • Cartridge System For Almost Painless Local Anaethesia. 

  • Electronic Pulp Vitality tester for checking Vitality of Pulp Tissue. 

  • Latest Dental Materials For Restoration of Damaged Teeth. 

  • Latest Quality Nano Composite Filling Materials for Tooth Colored Fillings.

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