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“Better Teeth Better Health”

  • Brushing twice daily is recommended to minimize all the dental problems like tooth decay, bad smell from mouth etc.


  • Use good quality toothpaste. Fluoride containing toothpastes are generally recommended to decrease tooth decay. For children there are different toothpastes available which should be recommended for your kid. 


  • Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue every time after tooth brushing.


  • Use dental floss at least once daily after tooth brushing in the night before sleeping. It is a special thread used to clean food debris stuck in between the teeth.


  • Change your toothbrush in every 3-4 months or when the bristles got worn out. If it gets damaged very soon that means your brushing technique is very harsh and faulty. Some toothbrushes have color change indicator for when to change the brush.


  • Visit your dentist at a regular interval of 6-8 months or 1 year. We can help in diagnosing and treating dental problems at an early stage and help you stay away from major dental problems and pain.


  • Avoid sugary and sticky food to prevent dental problems. Soft drinks, chips, white bread, cookies, chocolates, candies etc. are the main food items which are to be avoided.


  • Fibrous food like fruits and milk products help in preventing dental and gum problems. Citrus fruits like oranges help in healing and strengthening gum tissues.


  • Special preventive care is required for children teeth like Topical Fluoride application and Pit & Fissure Sealants. These help in making the outermost layer of teeth stronger and decreasing food sticking on to the tooth surface and hence minimizing dental decay. These procedures are recommended after age of 2-3 years.


        “Don’t Rush When you Brush”  

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