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Dental Equipment


                   The outermost covering of teeth is Enamel. Subsequent layer is Dentin and then there is Pulp (Nerve & Vessels). When the initial decay starts it is Painless. As it reaches Dentin, Tooth may feel some sensitivity to hot & cold food and when decay reaches the Pulp, it becomes infected. Then it causes severe excruciating pain which gets aggravated on lying down called as irreversible pulpitis.


                    Decay is PAINLESS till it is in enamel. When it enters dentin, tooth becomes hot and cold sensitive. The decayed portion can be removed and filled using various cements and materials. But when the decay reaches the innermost layer (pulp), it becomes painful and a root canal treatment (RCT) needs to be performed.


                    Root Canal Treatment is a procedure in which the decay and infection are removed from the tooth completely till the end of the root with special instruments (reamers & files). After completing the disinfection, the root canals are filled with a special filling material (gutta-percha) and sealed on top with a post endodontic restorative material.


                     RCT is a Painless Procedure which is done under small dose of Local Anaesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the procedure and after the procedure you will start with the prescribed medicines. So the procedure will be Completely Comfortable. The procedure can be done in single sitting also which is called as Single Visit Root Canal Treatment.


                      After root canal treatment, the tooth will become non-vital and brittle which may cause the tooth to be fractured. So a crown is required after a root canal treatment to increase the lifespan of the tooth.

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